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Extraordinary event! Alpha Bio Dental Implant for 8.999 CZK

Extraordinary event! Alpha Bio Dental Implant for 8.999 CZK

Unique best price offer from ArtStom Clinic

If you're worried about a missing tooth that would bring your smile to perfection, let an expert take a look at the empty space and fill it in. At the ArtStom clinic, they will examine you thoroughly, take panoramic pictures and place an implant and possibly a crown.

They offer four variations of the most commonly chosen procedures by patients and the two most commonly used implant brands.

You can choose a quality implant from Alpha Bio Tecn, Nobel BioCare or the more trusted Swiss dental implant brand Straumann.

The Swiss company Nobel Biocare, now based in Zurich, Switzerland, was founded in 1981 by world-renowned dentist Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark with funding from the pharmaceutical company Nobelpharma. The combination of Professor Branemark's developmental vision and expertise with Nobelpharma's generous funding has made Nobel Biocare a world leader in implantology. Nobel Biocare has two implant brands, Nobel Biocare and Alpha Bio Tec. In 2008, Nobel Biocare acquired the world's most successful start-up in the development and manufacture of dental implants, the Israeli company Alpha Bio Tec.

Alpha Bio implants are manufactured in a modern factory in Israel. Nobel Biocare implants are manufactured in factories in Sweden, Japan, USA. The Nobel Biocare brand implants from Nobel Biocare have the most advanced and unique patented technology and are also the most expensive in the world of any brand or type of implant. For the discerning patient, we can also offer these best of the best Nobel Biocare implants. Nobel Biocare has brought its unique technology and financing to its Alpha Bio division to provide patients with more affordable implants with Nobel Biocare's superior quality and technology.

Straumann was founded in 1954 in Waldenburg, Switzerland by Dr. Reinhardt Straumann as a company specializing in the development of stainless steel materials and instruments for bone fractures. It was not until 1974 that Straumann began developing dental implants and became the gold standard for implants. Straumann implants are manufactured in modern factories in Switzerland and the USA. From a practical point of view, there are no major differences in implant placement and healing between Straumann and Alpha Bio implants. From a practical point of view in prosthetics (fixation of crowns and bridges to the implant) in comparison between implants (Straumann and Alpha Bio) Alpha Bio implants are simpler and have more possibilities to achieve aesthetic and functional perfection.
All implants and implant placement performed at Artstom s.r.o. have a lifetime guarantee!

In two cases, the price of the offer includes the abutment (screw-on titanium attachment) and the crown that is placed on it. What is the procedure?
You will be treated by experienced stoma surgeons with many years of experience. After a thorough initial examination, assessment of the images and bone thickness, they will select the correct size implant to place during your second visit. Thanks to local anesthesia, the procedure is completely painless.

The average healing time ranges from 2 to 4 months, followed by the prosthetic part, i.e. the fabrication and fitting of the crown. Read on for more detailed information about each step and look forward to a beautiful smile and a quality bite!


On request, you can also choose a different type of crown and abutment; more expensive options are available at an additional cost.
If the bone thickness is not sufficient, bone grafting can be performed for an additional fee. If necessary, a sinus lift is performed in the upper jaw at the back.
Dental implants at the ArtStom clinic - the shortest way to a beautiful smile!